Feds say no more 10 codes. 10-4?

Just straight talk from state troopers


The code language Pennsylvania State Police had used to communicate with each other is “10-7,” or out of service.

More precisely, it has been eliminated. State troopers have abandoned the 10-codes, following a nationwide trend among emergency workers to use plain language.

“We need to speak in a common language across the board,” said Linette Quinn, spokeswoman for the state police in Harrisburg.

The codes have long been a way to communicate quickly and somewhat discreetly. But federal officials wanted police to drop the codes in favor of plain language because, often, the codes are different between jurisdictions and cause confusion when cooperation is most needed in disasters.

For instance, several often-used 10-codes have drastically different meanings for local cops and state police in Pennsylvania. A standard car accident for state police was dispatched as a 10-45, while the same code for local cops means “call the coroner.”


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